Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can No One Answer A Goddamn Phone?!?

I have no idea what the hell it is with our clerks in our company but most of them flat out will not answer the phones. Its not like we're playing with Barbies back here, usually I'm left busting my ass all day to get scripts out and would really like to not have to answer the phone just to hear "Do you have any milk?"

And when you ask the clerks kindly to be more aware of the phone, they snap back at you. I'm sorry but my dealing with insurances on the phone or filling a C-II greatly outweighs your need to face the shelves. Oh wait, its in your job description to ANSWER THE MOTHERFUCKING PHONE.

I'm running an experiment today by not answering the phones at all. The majority of calls on a Sunday are ones in which we don't have to answer. I usually do on the weekends, since its slow on most days, just to be nice. So far I have watched as four phone calls were never picked up. What were the clerks doing at this point? Doodling in a notebook. Needless to say the experiment is over as it is completely unfair to customers, but still what the hell does a person have to do to get someone to answer the goddamn phone?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder too...I've had a clerk stand directly in front of a ringing phone while I'm talking to a patient and she did nothing, nothing at all. grrrrrr