Thursday, March 13, 2008

Medica is a Cocksucker

So the state Medicaid system has several different plans in our area, one of which goes through Medicaid. Its bad enough that people switch between three or four plans several times a year, but usually we don't need any new info when this happens. We add a 0 here, a 0 there, change the processor and boom it works.

Not Medica. You see some fuckwad thinks its a brilliant idea to change group numbers monthly. Group number was 56817 this month, next month it may be 56819. And they don't tell anyone. Usually the cards are a month behind (i.e. we'll get the 56819 card right when they're switchin to the next f'n number). The best part, sometimes they don't even wait until the end of the month. It can be the 20th and all of a sudden you're getting a reject saying Non-Matched Cardholder ID. I swear there is some sick sadistic pleasure in this.

Therefore I give Medica a big ole middle finger. You are a bitch, and I hope you catch gonorrhea.

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