Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pre-Pharm Life

I noticed in the chat box there are several people who appear to be interested in pursuing this field. Lemme give you a little hint, be prepared to bust your ass in college. Someone actually asked me at work the other day which local Tech School you go to receive your pharmacy certificate. Needless to say I was flabbergasted, but to save some trouble I'll give some of the younger readers a general idea on what to expect.

Biology - You'll need the general biology courses, which are a walk in the park. Then there's the anatomy and physiology and microbiology courses which involve considerable more studying then the general courses.

Calculus - Enjoy a full year of calc, it'll piss you off when you finish once you realize how easy the class really is.

Chemistry -Learn to love Chemistry because you will be its bitch for the next 6-8 years of your studying. Pharmacy is Chemistry. General Chem is a fairly simple class once you wrap your mind around it. Organic Chemistry will whoop your ass back to the 17th century. I am not exaggerating that at all. To put it in layman's terms imagine having to know exactly what will happen when you combine to materials down to a molecular level. It will make you cry at night.

Then there is Biochemistry. You will take this again upon entering pharmacy school, but its still not a bad idea to take it in your undergrad. If O Chem knocks you back to the 17th century, this course will kick your ass back into a fetus. The course itself is not overly difficult, but the sheer amount of material you learn is astounding. You literally learn how your your body takes the food you eat and converts it to energy. You will learn that pathway like the back of your hand.

Then there is a year of physics, your English, History, and other gen eds. One top of that you essentially need to average an B+/A- in all those courses to even be considered.

And that is why I drink so much at times. Only way to relieve the stress.

That being said if anyone does have any questions, especially those of you in college, I will be willing to answer them. I am going to be an Organic, and probably Biochem, tutor next fall so I can help answer questions and such. To you others, I hope this was a slightly more enlightening experience.


Angie Kay said...

The brutal truth of what it takes to get into Pharmacy school. I am switching over from a Business Major and I have to do almost 2 more years of retaking some bad grades in english and math. I have not taken any Chem, Calc, or Biology since High SChool. I am up for the challange. THank you for your insight! I will be following your blog to hear about the journey in college. BTW, where did you get accepted at?

Phathead said...

I live a mysterious existence... namely I won't share what schools I have been accepted to for some time. Have to remain somewhat anonymous after all.

Bamboozled said...

Currently I am a freshman in college; I am in an undecided "exploratory" major right now, but would like to go to pharmacy school. I looked at my state university pharm school, and printed their list of pre-requisites, but I am just so bamboozled! Should I major in a science to complete these prerequisites, since my school doesn't currently have a pre-pharm program? I thought maybe I can take summer courses to complete the list at my local college back home; or should I tranfer to a school with a pre pharmacy program? Any help or information will be appreciated greatly!

Thank You!

Phathead said...


Signup at the forums, they'll be able to better answer specific questions like that.

Daphiny said...

okay ive never taken calc before..will the professor at least teach you how ?ugh..math is strongest point :(

supermamasage said...

Hi. I am looking for some guidance on financially being able to get through pre-pharm and pharmacy school. I am a college grad with a career and 4 kids. I am looking for an employer that will not only give me experience in the area but will pay my tuition or provide scholarships and let me work a flexible schedule to accomodate my classes. Also, I need to at least come close to replacing my current salary as an accountant.
Any suggestions?