Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snow Day

We had a bit of a blizzard the past day and half. City virtually shut down which meant for me no school and no work. Whoo hoo! Or so I thought. In hindsight I should have realized that the power going out was going to be nothing more than an omen for work the next day.

Anyone who's worked in a pharmacy after having to be closed due to weather is well aware of what a pain in the ass it is. Generally we try to make it as painless as possible if we know its coming. I think the pharmacist who worked the day prior to the storm has never gotten that memo. Everyone has been well aware since Monday that this storm would be coming. It was almost a certain probability that we would be closed Friday, shit we even had a plan in place for this. Yet this pharmacist decided to run a dozen scripts Thursday night and simply not fill them. Yeah thats a great fucking idea, as if we have nothing better to do.

I'd also like to say go to hell to the guy who called right after we opened bitching that we were closed yesterday.

"What fucking reason could a pharmacy have to close?" - asked the Jackass on phone

"Um... there was a blizzard yesterday" - Me struggling not to stab him through the eye over the phone

"Oh there was? Ok then." - Jackass

Looked up his profile... he lives two blocks down. He must not have noticed the trees down in the streets or the power outage yesterday or hell even the 80 mph winds. Not so surprisingly he wanted his Lortabs. Wish I could be that stoned.


KSS said...

Got to love the entitlement culture. People can't seem to see six inches past their nose anymore.

-MF from SLM boards.

Anonymous said...
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The Ole' Apothecary said...

I guess times have changed, but in New England in the 1980s, we never closed due to weather, and we had plenty of weather. In the face of an approaching hurricane in 1985, I had to BEG my boss to let me close early!