Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where to go from here

This blog has existed now for roughly eight months now since its inception. Since that time I have been trying to decide what form this pharmacy blog should take. There are plenty of better pharmacy bitchers out there (see DrugMonkey and The Angry Pharmacist, my inspirations) so I saw no need to contend with those two. Granted I have just as many pissed of stories as they probably do, they can convey their feelings of those matters in a much greater way then can I.

After eight months I have decided to take this blog in a slightly different direction. I will still bitch about things, I will still share stories of fucked up customers and I will still bitch (gotta emphasize that part :) )

I am going to be turning this blog into a slightly more educational tool for those interested in pharmacy or those just starting out. I'm hoping to give a better feel for the field through my stories and experiences and to now give a better insight to terminology and just how things work. Part of it is the fact I like being a teacher and part of it is I'm tired of seeing pharmacy students come in and act completely bugged eyed about how the world actually is (story on that coming later this week)

We'll see how it goes from here on out, not sure how many regular readers I have, but things won't change too much. Speakin of which, I have to go answer the goddamn drive thru window, chick is here who wants her diapers. Figures

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Anonymous said...

Please keep the funny stories coming! Help others, but help us that need a giggle in the day too.