Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brain power is not required

Woman came to the drive-thru window today to pick up her scripts. Her window doesn't roll down, so naturally she parks a few feet away, gets out, and walks up to the DRIVE-thru window. I should mention that it is currently 49 degrees and she was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Naturally I took my time getting it ready. I figured it would be a good life lesson for this 40-something woman. After I leisurely strolled back to the window and gave her the bag, she commented,

"Boy it sure is chilly out here today."

To which I responded with a big smile,

"Yeah, but it's toasty warm in here today."

I'm hoping it dawned on her then, but the expression on her face told me it didn't. Oh well, I'll try again next time.


Anonymous said...

You get a kick out of being a jerk? Go pick the wings off flies if you need to be cruel and controlling. This girl would have crawled through your little basket and kicked your in-considerate butt!

Mad Pharmacy Tech said...

Not really related to the blog, but why is it when people post comments like anonymous here, they have to be anonymous? Are they that afraid of being found out? Just something I've noticed from reading through your various entries.

Anyway, the drive-thru in general pisses me off, but even more so when people won't get out when they really should, such as when their damn windows don't work.