Saturday, November 8, 2008

Late Night Drug Slingin'

Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of SiteMeter, whom monitors view counts, is seeing how and where people are reading from. I'm a number fiend, so I check it about once a day to see who has stumbled upon this craptacular blog.

One of the things I have noticed of late is a surge between midnight and 3am of viewings. And where are these viewers coming from? Kroger, HyVee, Walgreens and the likes. It looks as if our fellow late night brethern are bored and looking for something entertaining to read.

So to you late night drug slingers I say welcome, and I am glad to help keep you awake on your lonely nights. In fact, I shall give you a string of comics to break up the silence which may lie in your respective pharmacies...


Anonymous said...

How dare you imply that overnight pharmacists are wasting company time in such a manner! I work very, very hard what with all the hundreds of prescriptions ... well, we do have lots of paperwork that takes ... um, sometimes people call and ask me stuff. Don't tell anyone they're paying me a full time pharmacist's salary to surf the web, okay?

Odublar said...


Just to let you know, you've earned a reader. I may not comment a lot, but you can guarantee I'll check your blog once a day.

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