Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Sign of Problem's in our Society

After reading TAP's post about being 14 and pregnant, see here, I happened upon a similar debate at work the next day. We had a 13 year old girl come into our store who was pregnant to get her prenatal vitamins. They were chewable prenatal vitamins.

Now TAP was stating that someone that young is not mature enough to even be able to care for a child. I further that by asking how can someone care for a child when they can't even be an adult and swallow a whole tablet? Where is the logic in that? It was this thought which lead to the debate at work on Monday...

Why the hell do they make chewable prenatal vitamins?

I mean honestly is there that large of a market for them? Now I understand that there are instances when people take prenatal vitamins when they are not actually pregnant, so one could assume that perhaps these chewable versions are intended for them. The problem with that is I can only think of a handful of times when I've seen just such a situation occur, so logic would suggest that these are designed for these preteen parents. One could also argue that it could be for some women who, for whatever reason, are unable to chew tablets. Again, this seems like a very odd circumstance to warrant production of these.

Someone, somewhere, decided that there was a market for this and that it this form would be produced. Perhaps its a sign that society is coddling these young mothers, that its somewhat acceptable for they to be pregnant. I will confess that I know that this was probably not the intention by the manufacturer, but it really does make you wonder.

This made me pee a little

Maybe its because I'm a little drunk right now, but goddamn is this funny

Monday, February 25, 2008

Someone Else Who Knows My Pain...

A friend send this to me earlier tonight. I laughed, I cried, I felt his pain. So I decided it would be best to share a very similar story from my own experience.

I present to you....

What I Need for Work

Saw this on a forum, thought it would be a great addition at work in the ghetto

What I've Learned Tonight

Well I was all set to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to watch my race tonight, see here if anyone cares, only to have them cancel it completely at 1am. Bastards.

Now I am wide awake with literally nothing to do but flip through the TV channels. I see the Oscars were on tonight. That excites me about as much as seeing a 90 year old woman in a mini-skirt. The 700 club is on with the guy who can squat the weight of the Earth. Ya know God rocks when he can make an old guy do something that wicked.

I'm convinced Billy Mays has to be one of the best pitchmen in the history of mankind. I mean he has literally sold me on four different products tonight. He has got to be one of the smoothest sons of bitches with women. I mean just think about his lines

Billy Mays here and boy do I have a deal for you. I'm going to going to take you to this wonderful restaurant, buy you lost of wine and then we're going to go to my place and I'll show you my Gopher

And the 80s style beard isn't too bad either. Shit I need some sleep....

Edit: I found this freaky ass page on him too. Now its really time to go to bed

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Tired of Being Rushed

What the hell is it with people and thinking they need everything five minutes before they actually ask for it. Does anyone remember what the term patience means?

I had a woman today come in with a prescription for Amoxicillin for her 6 month old baby. She said she wanted it ASAP (which is bullshit for one because we do everything we can get to get things out in a timely matter). Ok fine, I'll do it quickly, no worries.

Then she sits there and taps her fingers on the counter. And then asks every 30-45 seconds how much longer it will be. And every time I tell her it will be just another couple minutes.

Here's my question, why the hell do people think they have to rush us? If her daughter was having surgery, would she be knocking on the operating door asking how much longer the surgery was going to take? I mean if we hurry up and then fuck up the prescription, we could very well end up hurting or even killing her daughter. And yet she insists on repeatedly asking us to 'Hurry up'.

When are people going to realize that just because we have a drive thru does not mean that we are like McDonald's. They have to realize that usually we're working with really really shitty information (i.e. fucked up insurance cards, doctors hand writting, unrealistic directions, etc). Most of the time we save other people's asses and yet do we get a thank you for that? Fuck no.

Next time someone is rushing me they're going to the end of the line. And even then I'm going to be as pokey as a 90 year old woman picking out a greeting card. I don't give a shit, I'm tired of it.

I have been thinking of going to her house and hounding her for the rest of the night. Ask her when dinner is done, when laundry is done, when the cleaning is done and just see if she cracks. Nah that would work, because then if she cracks we'd have to fill her meds for that too. Fuck.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Incompetence at its finest

I have seen some stupid stupid things in the 7+ years I have been doing this. I have seen a 'prescription' written in crayon on notebook paper. I have seen a person alter a prescription with a pen of a different color. I have had someone deny picking up something even though I show them the video that clearly shows them. Today put all of those to shame.

Now we fill scripts for a couple of group homes and half way houses. Needless to say these people are a little... well off. Most of them come from the main psychiatric clinic downtown. On of these homes happens to be about 10 blocks from this clinic.

About noonish we received some discharge orders for a gentleman at this home. It was a normal list of meds for this type of home until we looked at the bottom. There was a note said that he was walking to the home from the clinic.

Think about this for a moment. This gentleman was quite literally just released from the psych ward and was allowed to walk the 10 blocks to the group home he was to be staying at. Does this sound strange to anyone else? But wait, there's more. With discharge orders we also receive a list of diagnosis. Here's what was listed:

  • Suicide ability (Both plan and attempts)
  • Manic Depression
  • Personality Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
We are located on a very large body of water, that clinic is no more than 25 yards from the shoreline. Now for a person who has planned and attempted suicide before do you think it is wise to let someone out near such an easy way of escape? Not to mention the other disorders this gentleman has.

You have to wonder just what the hell the doctors and nurses were thinking when they agreed to this. We're not specialized in that field at all and we immediately saw the red flags with this problem. As of 6pm tonight he still had not shown up at this home. One can only hope that he be found and which ever dumbasses let him go are held accountable.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Week from Hell

I have never experienced a week like this in the nearly four years I have been in college. I have had four fucking tests this week. One in Biology, a Biology Lab Practical, a Physics test and an Organic Chemistry test. Tack on the fact that I have a 2 hour work meeting tonight and its become like the perfect storm of clusterfucks.

Needless to say I've been a little tired, even more so bitch. And I am crackin me a beer when I get off work at 6pm tomorrow night. All hail the beer!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Look

I'm playing with a new look for the site. Have to fix the blog header here, but that'll come probably over the next few days.

Some changes:

  • Links are now at the very top of the page
  • There is a new search feature
  • RSS Feed will be added shortly
  • Added a chat box
If people do not like this new look I have the old one saved to my hard drive and can easily switch back. Feel free to leave feedback.

Idiot of the Day

First phone call of the day was from a woman in her mid 20s. She was upset at us. Why you might ask? Because we filled her birth control on a Wednesday.

Now let us step back a minute here. First off she was upset that SHE called in her refill on a Wednesday and we filled it. Funny how that works eh?

Why was she upset that it was filled on a Wednesday? Because she only wants it filled on Tuesday's as thats when her cycle starts.

Once again.... huh?

I explain to her that she could just call it in on Tuesday herself as its difficult for us to remember something like that when she calls in. She decided that no, that was our job for her. Then I said that just because we filled it on a Wednesday doesn't mean she has to take it on a Wednesday and fuck up her cycle.

She then accused me of wanting to get her pregnant so we could squeeze more money out of her and her future child and that she needed to get it filled on a Tuesday otherwise aliens would sprout out of her rectum... ok I made that last part up, sue me.

Honestly what the fuck does it matter what day of the week we fill something on? The scary part? I wasn't in the ghetto today, I was in the 'affluent' section of the city. Great way to start the day me thinks...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Interesting Fact

I discovered last night that when you go to google and type in 'Midget Transvestite Porn' this blog is the first link returned. Wonder what the hell that means..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good Tunes

The three big things in my life are pharmacy, NASCAR and music. I have a wide range of music I enjoy and I decided I should perhaps share some of my less main stream tastes just for shits and giggles.

Lately I have been getting into this band called Apocalyptica. They're a Finnish cello rock band (I have some eclectic tastes) most well known for doing some Metallica covers. I figured the first song I would post would be one of their more well known ones. I love instrumental songs and its interesting to see a version of such a well known song performed this way. This is the live version which I rather prefer (you can find the album version on youtube)

Mountain Dew Contains Crack

I have no other explanation for this. I can see a bottle or can of Mountain Dew and start craving it. I can think of a bottle or can of Mountain Dew, and start craving it. I know its not the caffeine because I switched to the caffeine free Dew for a while just to test that theory. Its like my body needs it.

So I have come to the conclusion that Mountain Dew contains crack. To me theres no other obvious solution to the problem. Perhaps this is PepsiCo's plan... kind of like the cigarettes companies.

Eh screw it, I'm goin to the store to get me a Dew!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What to do on a slow day

We have been open for a shade under two hours and have filled a whopping 13 prescriptions. I figure its because its 15 below outside right now and even the druggies aren't willing to go out in this weather. So what do you do with all this free time you might ask?

Well so far I have a mini golf course set up in the store. I found some sand pails, which we're using for the holes, and a box of golf balls. I have gnomes as my 'trees' and we're using canes for clubs. Already had one of our few customers come in and actually play a hole with us. Damn good times.

I rolled around in a wheelchair for about 15 minutes. I can get crusin pretty damn good with these things now, I just can't turn with a damn.

We made a mini soap opera with some Ty Beanie Babies. Ya know, added some Viagra and Valtrex, took a bunch of pictures, although it was kind of hard to explain when a customer came to the counter.

All this and I still have 3 hours left in my shift. What a glorious day this be.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Snowstorm Revisited

About two months ago I made a post about a gentleman who tweaked on us after we let him in the store even though he was closed.

Post can be found here.

Now our PIC (Pharmacist-In-Charge) decided to forgive the guy and allow him to keep coming to the store much to our disdain. He, again, became verberaly abusive to us and threatened several more times over the past two months. Needless to say he kept reaffirming what an asshole he actually is, yet we kept being told that he was ok to keep coming into the store.

I came into work on Friday and was informed that this person had died in their sleep last night. My first comment was, "Did he OD?" I was then chastised a bit for being on the cruel side seeing as he just died.

My question is this, why should I feel bad for some ass who just died? He was nothing but a prick to everyone when he came in not even counting the snowstorm instance. And I'm supposed to feel bad that he died? Fuck that. Call me a cold son of a bitch, but ya know what, Earth is probably a slightly better place now today. One less drunk/meth-head coming into fuck up my day is my main thought. Maybe I really am an ass...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Drug Reps Get a Kick in the Nuts

I heard about this at work earlier and had to dig up the article. Needless to say it made me giggle like a schoolgirl.

As part of a new policy that experts say is one of the toughest in the nation
blocking pharmaceutical companies from influencing doctors, the Duluth-based
health system recently got rid of nearly every freebie with a drug company name
on it.

You mean those lovely drug reps can no longer bribe doctors, nurses, receptions and janitors? Say it ain't so?!?

Do you have any idea how many times patients will show up with a prescription for a 'new' drug, lately this has been Coreg CR, when there is a generic on the market that is FAR cheaper. All because this doctor got a free lunch at the Olive Garden or some shit like that. I applaud SMDC for this choice.

In all, SMDC employees have turned in more than 18,700 items, including clocks,
mugs, surgical caps, calculators, tape dispensers, and a stress-relieving
squeeze toy made to look like a red blood cell.
Administrators plan to
donate the 20 shopping carts full of stuff to a hospital in Cameroon, where
supplies of all types are desperately needed -- and most of the advertised drugs
aren't available.

Thats my favorite part, that they actually rounded up all the pens, notepads and anything else with a logo on it. I peed myself a little when I heard that. Hell I peed a little when I thought about it again. Score one for us.

Article Link - (You can read it for free if you just put in a age/zip)

Pet Peeve of the Day

Why do people think we just lump all their records together under one file just because they're the same family? Four times today, so far, I've had someone come in who hasn't had anything filled by us before. When I ask if they have, they say yes. When I say they're not in there, they go "But my wife(or child or uncle or dog or gardner) gets prescriptions here." They don't seem to understand that we have to keep seperate records, much like a hospital, for each person.

One guy started to even argue with me over it, saying to just fill it under his wife's file. What the hell sense does that make? Some day I'm going to paint a big ass sign that say something like, We're not Wal-Mart, We're not a gas station, We help to keep you living and breathing each day, so stop treating us like we're McDonalds.

Eh maybe its just cause I didn't have my dew this morning...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just call me... the Drug Pimp

This may sound a bit sadistic, but I receive some sort of joy in telling some crack head that he cannot have his pain meds. It's not as if I look forward to it, I would much rather not tell someone who is mentally unstable that they cannot have what they want, but I take some perverse pleasure in it. A similar feeling occurs when I discover a prescription has been forged.

I have decided that I am a Drug Pimp and all the methadone-loving, oxycontin-craving, lortab-hoarding crack heads are my 'hos.

You want your Lortab filled 12 days early? BITCH SLAP! No, 'Ho!

You say you lost your bottle on your trip to Nigeria? BITCH SLAP! Don't lie to me 'Ho!

You want to pay cash for something you picked up three days ago? BITCH SLAP! Who you foolin' 'Ho?!

All I need is a purple hat with a feather in it. Just call me... the Drug Pimp.