Saturday, March 29, 2008

How I'm Going To Be A Millionare

I am going to create a 1-900 number just for the elderly to sit and talk about how their dog is having pooping problems. Hell I'll charge by the five minutes instead of by the minute. You know how much goddamn money I could make? Shit I could buy Canada with that kind of money. I mean I spent 45 minutes on the phone just now. Fuck pharmacy, I think I just found my true calling...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I don't get it

I really don't understand why people can't tell me what they want when they call in for refills. Is it really hard to say I want this or that or this? I had a woman today call and tell me to just fill all her meds. Okkkk....

Brought up her profile and saw 24 different meds spread over the past 45 days. All of them could be considered regular meds, but honestly who the hell knows. I filled the 18 or so that I thought made the most sense, but Lord knows when she comes in she'll probably bitch because she didn't want those particular ones.

I'm going to go to the grocery store tonight, walk up to an employee and tell them I want food for my apartment. When they ask what kind of food, I'll just tell them the stuff I normally get. That'll probably make me feel a little better.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I've never fully understood Easter. I mean I understand the religious contexts just fine, but as for all the other stuff... it seems to escape me. I mean think about it, when we're young we are essentially thought that there are chocolate bunnies who frolic through the woods laying candy eggs.

Now first off what stoner thought that a bunny should be laying eggs? A bunny's butthole is not big enough for an egg to come flyin' out, nor would it make much sense for a bunny to lay an egg. Perhaps in this case they should have picked a snake. Snakes lay eggs and are good for instilling fear into people. Why do we need this fear? Because it'll keep a child from going after a nest of eggs under the notion that there is candy inside. The snake will definitely save countless animals from senseless deaths.

Secondly why the hell do we eat chocolate bunnies? I bet ya a hundred bucks if I go outside, kill a bunny and then gut it that there will be no chocolate inside. Maybe some tasty meat, but definitely no chocolate. If they really were full of chocolate than there would be hordes of women with PMS going on perpetual bunny hunting trips.

Perhaps my mind isn't sharp enough to comprehend such things. I think the same thing at Christmas time. What other time of the year would you allow your child to sit on the lap of a strange old man in a mall? Eleven months out of the year that's considered a pedophile but near Christmas time that's considered Santa. Go figure.

Oh well, at least I'm off work today.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Medieval Pharmacy

I was blessed enough to work in a medieval pharmacy today. What is a medieval pharmacy you may ask?

Well you see the building I was in today was built in 1903. Due to this fact most of the items in this building are from... well about 1903. Turns out we have an issue with one of the main breakers now. What this means is that the breaker decides to randomly blow throughout the day. No one knows why this is happening and the breaker itself is 30+ years old (which means they no longer make it) and its going to take several days to replace it.

Thus at we had the breaker blow four times in a three hour span. That means virtually everything in the store turns off as someone treks in the basement to go and flip the flaming hot switch. In the mean time we are left in virtually complete darkness. Then it takes about 10-15 minutes for the computers to reboot.

This is where the Medieval Pharmacy comes into play. Have you ever filled a prescription in near darkness? Without any computers or labels? Without billing with insurances? Lemme tell you it was fan-fucking-tastic. I think it went more smoothly without power than it does with power. Granted I only filled one script that was needed ASAP and the rest were simple refills (and yes it was bright enough to properly fill things), but it was still rather exhilarating. I think I'm going to build a time machine and move to a time similar to what we experienced today. That should be rather bitchin' in my mind.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

I am on spring break this week which offers a slight relief to the dredges that is college. Ironically enough it is a beautiful day (and beautiful day up here is in the upper 30s to lower 40s) and what am I doing? I am mopping the kitchen. Ya know when you decide to go to college they never mention the exciting things such as that.

I was a good boy and went into work for a short while today even though I wasn't scheduled. Our owner filled in last week and filled in 3 DEA forms with of C-IIs with one of our wholesalers. Thought I would be nice and come in and finish that up for my fellow co-workers. If we had an employee of the month award, I would have won it for the past three years straight. Why? Because I come in on my day off and work for free, that's why. I think I deserve a beer

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pre-Pharm Life

I noticed in the chat box there are several people who appear to be interested in pursuing this field. Lemme give you a little hint, be prepared to bust your ass in college. Someone actually asked me at work the other day which local Tech School you go to receive your pharmacy certificate. Needless to say I was flabbergasted, but to save some trouble I'll give some of the younger readers a general idea on what to expect.

Biology - You'll need the general biology courses, which are a walk in the park. Then there's the anatomy and physiology and microbiology courses which involve considerable more studying then the general courses.

Calculus - Enjoy a full year of calc, it'll piss you off when you finish once you realize how easy the class really is.

Chemistry -Learn to love Chemistry because you will be its bitch for the next 6-8 years of your studying. Pharmacy is Chemistry. General Chem is a fairly simple class once you wrap your mind around it. Organic Chemistry will whoop your ass back to the 17th century. I am not exaggerating that at all. To put it in layman's terms imagine having to know exactly what will happen when you combine to materials down to a molecular level. It will make you cry at night.

Then there is Biochemistry. You will take this again upon entering pharmacy school, but its still not a bad idea to take it in your undergrad. If O Chem knocks you back to the 17th century, this course will kick your ass back into a fetus. The course itself is not overly difficult, but the sheer amount of material you learn is astounding. You literally learn how your your body takes the food you eat and converts it to energy. You will learn that pathway like the back of your hand.

Then there is a year of physics, your English, History, and other gen eds. One top of that you essentially need to average an B+/A- in all those courses to even be considered.

And that is why I drink so much at times. Only way to relieve the stress.

That being said if anyone does have any questions, especially those of you in college, I will be willing to answer them. I am going to be an Organic, and probably Biochem, tutor next fall so I can help answer questions and such. To you others, I hope this was a slightly more enlightening experience.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Urogenital Warfare

Just had a young woman bring in couple prescriptions about twenty minutes ago. Took a look at them and immediately felt bad for her. They were as follows

  • Fluconazole
  • Valtrex
  • Proctosol
  • Docusate

Seems as if this poor woman's urogenital region has decided to lay siege upon itself. For those non-pharmacy geeks those four drugs are for a yeast infection, herpes (in her case), hemorrhoids and stool softener. Basically she was itchy, blotchy, and backed up.

I almost wanted to give her a hug or by her a card or something. My god have mercy on her... well nether regions.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can No One Answer A Goddamn Phone?!?

I have no idea what the hell it is with our clerks in our company but most of them flat out will not answer the phones. Its not like we're playing with Barbies back here, usually I'm left busting my ass all day to get scripts out and would really like to not have to answer the phone just to hear "Do you have any milk?"

And when you ask the clerks kindly to be more aware of the phone, they snap back at you. I'm sorry but my dealing with insurances on the phone or filling a C-II greatly outweighs your need to face the shelves. Oh wait, its in your job description to ANSWER THE MOTHERFUCKING PHONE.

I'm running an experiment today by not answering the phones at all. The majority of calls on a Sunday are ones in which we don't have to answer. I usually do on the weekends, since its slow on most days, just to be nice. So far I have watched as four phone calls were never picked up. What were the clerks doing at this point? Doodling in a notebook. Needless to say the experiment is over as it is completely unfair to customers, but still what the hell does a person have to do to get someone to answer the goddamn phone?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Medica is a Cocksucker

So the state Medicaid system has several different plans in our area, one of which goes through Medicaid. Its bad enough that people switch between three or four plans several times a year, but usually we don't need any new info when this happens. We add a 0 here, a 0 there, change the processor and boom it works.

Not Medica. You see some fuckwad thinks its a brilliant idea to change group numbers monthly. Group number was 56817 this month, next month it may be 56819. And they don't tell anyone. Usually the cards are a month behind (i.e. we'll get the 56819 card right when they're switchin to the next f'n number). The best part, sometimes they don't even wait until the end of the month. It can be the 20th and all of a sudden you're getting a reject saying Non-Matched Cardholder ID. I swear there is some sick sadistic pleasure in this.

Therefore I give Medica a big ole middle finger. You are a bitch, and I hope you catch gonorrhea.

Monday, March 10, 2008

This Is Your Future Pharmacist

I have had the opportunity the last five years to work with about 30 pharmacy interns and countless other pre-pharm students. You know what I have discovered after these past five years? The system is seriously fucked. I mean royally fucked up the ass.

Of those 30 interns I have met two or three whom I could say I actually liked. Those three will make great pharmacists once they are done with school. The other 27.... well that's another story. I do not mean to come off condescending to those in pharmacy school. I have met several outside of work settings who do not meet what I'm going to bitch about here and I am not trying to single them out. This is more of a release of frustration for a system which I, and I know many many others, agree is screwed.

We have a kid working for us who was just accepted to pharmacy school. He is an extremely bright individual, I will give him that. The kinda kid who can look at a chapter once and understand it. But the kid is a complete and utter dipshit. He has worked for us for over three years and came up to me the other day and asked me if a tech could refill a prescription. How do you work in a pharmacy for three years and not pick up on this? Furthermore you ask him a question and you can literally see the synapses working in his brain as he actually receives the question. He's bright for sure, but he has no communication skills and just simply isn't that quick. I hope to God he ends up in a nuclear pharmacy (something I would assume he would excel at) and not a place which deals with a high volume of customers. This is your future pharmacist.

I have seen a fourth year discussing an antibiotic prescription with a patient. When asked what he couldn't take it with, this intern went into enzymatic reactions and actually started to draw a diagram of the molecule. I looked at the man and simply told him do not take with milk and/or dairy products. This is your future pharmacist.

There is another kid who is a first year whom I have worked with. One day I caught an error he had made and the pharmacist had thus missed, (he was a fill-in). The kid had filled Hydroxyzine 25mg (an antihistamine) with Hydralazine 25mg (a vasodilator). When I brought it to this kid's attention he just laughed it off saying that it was just a simple mistake. That is not a simple mistake. You could chalk it up to him being only a first year, but this was another kid who had been with us for a while and should have known better. This is you future pharmacist.

We have had SEVERAL interns who decided they were too good for just about everything. They were going to be pharmacists so they didn't have to put paper in the fax machine when it ran out or actually fill a prescription. These were usually the ones who went into pharmacy school namely for the money. This is your future pharmacist.

I have worked with several first and second years whom had never worked in a pharmacy before and literally knew nothing about the field. Its as if they just closed their eyes and picked a profession. These are usually the ones who are caught wide-eyed by the fact you have to deal with customers and insurances and customers and wholesalers and customers. These students can go either way, but I can only hope they can deal with the stress. This is you future pharmacist.

So where does that leave us? In my fight to get into pharmacy school I see countless kids who have 4.0 GPAs but couldn't tell a spatula from their finger get into pharmacy school. Meanwhile there are ~3.0 GPA students whom actually care about the profession, myself included, who envelope everything there is about pharmacy into their lives and they get shut out. It seems unfair to reward a student brains coming out their ass, but whom has no people skills and really is just smart, nothing else, over someone who actually cares about the industry.

I have talked to many many pharmacists (I have worked with roughly 30 in my eight years) and they all say the same thing. The general consensus is that the 'C' student during undergrad years will by far be the best pharmacist. That the selection process itself is entirely unfair and that pharmacists who are coming out of school now are not near as competent as those who came out roughly ten years ago. I know several pharmacists who fight with schools on a yearly basis to help remedy this issue.

Alas I am left to continue this fight for my dream. This entire rant was not to put down all pharmacy school students, as my disclaimer stated. This is more of a bitch about the system as a whole. I will get in at some point, I don't know when but damnit I'm not going down without a fight. Cause ya know what, I want to be your future pharmacist and I will do whatever I can to ensure that.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The College Gods Shat On Me Again...

I am in for another week of four tests. What the fuck is with this lately. It is as of the Gods are smiting me for some wrong I did... not that I do anything wrong however. I am an angel. Kind of. Well not so much.

Fun fact of the day, want to know what you should name your child if you want them to grow up to be a transvestite? - Merlinda. What the fuck kind of name is that?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Tragedy

I am sad tonight. Why you may ask? Because last night I lost my favorite hat.

I went out drinking last night (and before I get bitched for drinking on a Tuesday realize its the only day during the week when my friends and I are in the same city and the same time) and had myself a merry old time. Prior to leaving I had grabbed my favorite hat, a brownish University of Nebraska - Omaha hat, and tossed it on the ole brain box.

On the way back home a window was rolled down and, since I was hot, drunk and am naturally a dumbass, I stuck my head out of it a bit. The wind must have caught it just right for my hat was ripped from my head. We also happened to be going over a bridge at the moment. So I watched in agony as my beloved hat drifted up and off the bridge and into the great Lake Superior. My hat was gone.

I woke up in a pleasant enough mood and it wasn't until I was crossing that same bridge to go to work did I realize what had occurred the night before. I searched in vain for it as I was crossing it but to no avail. I miss my hat. :(