Sunday, January 25, 2009

I survived the PCAT

Never before, in all of my schooling years, have I finished a test and been physically exhausted. Not to mention I enjoyed a splitting headache once I was done. One of my review books called the PCAT, "a test of endurance as much as it is a test of your knowledge." Ain't that the fuckin' truth?

All in all it went pretty well. Everyone I talked to was in agreement that the chemistry portion was by far the hardest. Otherwise I breezed through everything else.

One note for those who are going to take it. It is good to practice under timed conditions so you learn how to budget your time. When you take the actual test, however, you do not get to see the clock. You also are only given a 5 minute warning. There is no one minute morning. Which means when I found that out I had two blank answers I was debating over and quickly had to fill them in. Just a word of advice for future takers.

In any case I feel much better today, like I have this elephant that's been removed from my shoulders. Tis a damn good feeling.


BigEvilRx said...

Congratulations! Now go watch a good movie, or relax on the beach listening to the waves.

God, I miss Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm from Hawaii too! But anyway, best of luck getting into pharm school!

Phathead said...

I'd happily go some place warm right now lol

Anonymous said...

I'm also from Hawai'i! Haha it's a reunion. Good luck on your test results mate.