Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PCAT Scores Are Back...

I got my PCAT scores back about a week ago, just haven't gotten around to posting the results.

I'll give the test name, followed by the scaled score and the percentile score first

Multiple Choice Segments:
Verbal Ability - 423 - 82nd
Biology - 418 - 76th
Reading Comprehension - 423 - 80th
Quantitative Ability - 394 - 31st
Chemistry - 422 - 77th
Composite - 416 - 74th

Writing Scores:
Conventions of Language: My Score - 3.0, Mean - 2.8
Problem Solving: My Score - 3.0, Mean - 2.8

So y'all are probably looking at that quant score and going, holy shit!, just like I did. If you remember that I mentioned that was the final test and by that point I had developed a splitting headache. Not an excuse by any means, but it did offer some explanation. Also it's strange considering mathematics has always been my strong suit and I had no problem on the practice tests.

What this means is that I am taking it again in June. Was hoping to simply be done with it and, if it wasn't for the Quant score, I would call it good. I guess the only benefit is that I'll know more what to expect for the next test.

That and I really didn't start studying hardcore until the week before test. Not bad considering I haven't had a Quant (despite the score) or Gen Chem course in five years though. I take comfort in that at least.


Anonymous said...

How long did it take to get your scores back? I just took my PCAT on June 20th and I'm wondering if I'll have to wait the full 6 weeks to get anything. Thanks!

Phathead said...

I took it Jan 24th and got the scores on March 1st

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Do you think this quant score would have been a deal breaker? I took july pcat:
quant: high 20s ranked
composite: 92nd
as you can imagine, my scores in every other subject are good, including a 99 in chem - and thats what kept the composite up.
like you, my mind just shut down from the 4 hour torture.