Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PCAT Scores Are Back... Part 2

Before anyone asks, I will make a post or two about my wedding. As is the case with many adventures in my life it was hilarious, frustrating and a damn lot of fun all at the same time.

When I picked up the mail yesterday upon returning home, I found my PCAT scores awaiting my arrival. They actually had arrived in less than five weeks which is fairly impressive.

I have had a couple people ask about these so I will post them much like I did for my first PCAT.

The format goes as follows:

Scaled Score (Change from 1st PCAT) - Percentile (Change from 1st PCAT)

Multiple Choice Scores

Verbal Ability - 431 (+9) - 89th (+7)
Biology - 455 (+37) - 98th (+22)
Reading Comp - 410 (-13) - 62nd (-18)
Quantitative Ability - 433 (+39) - 88th (+57)
Chemistry - 439 (+23) - 91st (14)

Composite - 434 (+18) - 94th (+20)
Writing Scores

Conventions of Language - My Score - 3.0, Avg Score - 2.84
Problem Solving - My Score - 3.0, Avg Score - 2.87

The main reason for retaking the test was my Quant scores which were due to the migraine I developed after the second essay. That is why eating in between tests is a damn good idea.

I thought I had done well when I finished, but not quite this well. I knew the reading comp would go down because I had grown bored by the last two readings.

As such I am quite happy with the results. Now I just need to finish up those damned essays...


Anonymous said...

You made very nice improvements. What are the differences between your preparation for this PCAT and the first one you took?

Phathead said...

A lot of it was state of mind. I went into the second one a lot more positive and comfortable. I made sure to eat breakfast and have a snack in between which helped make sure I wasn't as tired by the end.

I actually studied less for this one than the first one. I would quiz myself throughout the day on quick math calculations so I wouldn't hang up on those.

I didn't go over hardly in gen chem for the first one which was a bit of a mistake.

Most of the problems with the first test is that I was flustered a bit and wasn't thinking clearly. Helps to remain calm I gathered.

Pharmgirl said...

Well done, Phathead! Are you applying for fall '10 or fall '11?

Phathead said...

Fall '10

Emily and Kevin Jensen said...

WOW!!! I am very impressed. I pray I have an improvement like you did. My composite was a 69 (first try in June and will take it again in Oct). I was so flustered my first time around and I also did not eat enough. I really HAVE to improve in October. Any suggestions on Chemistry studying... I took Gen Chem in 1994-95, organic in 1995-96. Got good grades in those classes but I cannot figure out what I should focus on for studying for the PCAT... when I look at everything it is way too overwhelming and it's been so long since I took those classes. Any suggestion you have on chem or bio would help... those were my two worst scores.

Phathead said...

Emily - I'm in the process of making a post that I'll toss up on here by the end of the night if I can. If you have any other questions beyond that, feel free to email me.

Pharmacist Erin said...

Holy moly! That's awesome! Major congrats!

PharmApplicants Pharmacy Blog said...

great stats! good luck this cycle!!

Anonymous said...

congrats PHATHEAD

I have a problem on reading and the verbal test.

Verbal- 23
Biology- 49
Quant- 74
Chem- 81
Reading Comp- 6

anyone have a suggestion to improve my scores??

Osondu Nnamdi Awaraka said...
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