Monday, September 7, 2009

I Always Wonder...

I was bored this morning and looking through the entrance links to this blog. Yes readers, I can see how you ended up here.

And I got to thinking, at least once a day I'll see a link that came from someone's inbox. I've always wondered what I did to warrant being e-mailed to another person. Or even what context it was emailed in.

It is really weird to see this blog being emailed across the country considering I just started this as a place to centralize my crazy ass work stories. Hell the last two email related links I've found where to Mexico. I'm international now baby.

Damn, does this mean I have to learn spanish?

Edit: I noticed in the last hour I've had significant hits from two of the pharmacy schools I'm applying to. Interesting....


asdf said...

R U looking to apply to RU?

Phathead said...

Nope, not applying at Rutgers

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