Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Time for Change

A new day is dawning in the day of pharmacy...

My cousin and I were chatting a few weeks back and I mentioned I was due to renew my certification for another two years. She quipped back 'What, do you're a Certified Pharmacy Bitch?"

I've been thinking about it and, ya know what, we should have Certified Pharmacy Bitches.

As of today I am sketching out the requirements needed for such certification, but I am more than open to suggestions from the readers of this blog. I figured it can be associated 'unofficially' with the APhA (because that makes me giggle so hard my I pee a little) and I even have the certificate in the works.
As you can see we'll also need a Board of Directors and someone to chair it. Thinking of seeing of TAestP would be interested in lending his name to this new cause.

Either put your thoughts in this post or feel free to email me.


Tanamo said...

LOLOLOL! Please make me one of those!

Frantic Pharmacist said...

Our official motto: "You're MY bitch now !!!"

RxKerBer said...

Will pharmacists get to join too? And do you get a higher membership status if a customer actually calls you a bitch ( like yesterday)?

Phathead said...

Hmmmmm.... I could make a Registered Pharmacy Bitch (RPhB) if so desired.

Part of the CEs for certification renewal is being called a bitch, so yes that shall be considered.

Pharmer Jane said...

LOVE it. I know what the examination can be! "You have to start a fight. And you have to lose." Sorry, just watched Fight Club. You have to prove that you're a bitch.

Can boys be bitches?

Since I am a *cough*highandmightyPharmD*cough* do I get to be a PharmB?