Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pharmacy App Essays are a Joke

I have grown quite weary of writing the last few weeks. I swear the pharmacy schools across the nation are trying to overwhelm applicants with various redundant application questions.

Some want an essay in 1000 words. Some in 1000 characters. Some in 1000 characters with spaces. Some in three pages (whatever the fuck that means as there is no formatting requirements). Rain Man couldn't even keep track of all this shit.

And the questions are so abstract at times its unreal. Or they'll ask you a question that requires a detailed answer, but they want you to keep it under 300 words.

The best part is the same questions appear on the various apps, but they're all just different enough that you have to write a new one.

I was writing a slew of them at about 2am the other night when I realized that I that first I had combined two questions in one answer and then in another I had typed 1700 words when they wanted 1700 characters.


Thank God I'm almost done with these... they're really starting to tap out what's left of my sanity.


Tanamo said...

I only have one more left. And I totally agree, they are totally redundant. Isn't the writing sample during the interview enough?

Anonymous said...

Well, the 3 page one with no format instructions should have been easy. Just put one word on each page... LET ME IN.. there it is.. mission accomplished!!