Monday, October 12, 2009

One Step Closer...

Today started off as a normal Monday. I literally had to drag my ass out of bed in time for Genetics. I was rather apathetic as I doodled aimlessly while being taught regulation factors in gene expression. For some reason the term Operon caused me to imagine some sort of monster destroying the city I live in. It was... perplexing.

Next I sat through my Race and Ethnicity class where I learn every day that you can be a racist even when you're not a racist. Or some crazy shit like that. This time I imagined the monster eating my professor. Such a lovely thought this was.

As I left this class to head home for lunch my phone rang; it was my manager. Already knowing what she was going to say, I answered it. She pleaded with me to go fill in for a sick co-worker on my day off at a store that is 30 minutes away from where I live. Being that I'm an overly nice son of a bitch, I agreed.

In essence, it was another dreary Monday.

Until I checked my emails.... and I found out the following:

On Friday, October 23rd, I have an interview at a pharmacy school.

Dear God, did I read that right? Am I losing my mind? After busting my ass to the point of exhaustion for the past three years could it possibly be true?

Those of you who have read this blog over the last two years, ya know all four of you, may understand how utterly monumental this is. Three years ago I thought I had no chance in hell of even being eligible to apply, yet alone be admissions worthy.

Yet here I am, booking plane tickets, searching for hotels and plotting to buy a suit on Wednesday.

The whole thing is very surreal. I read the e-mail about five times just to make sure I was reading it correctly. Hell I might frame the freakin' thing and hang it up in my living room.

Previously I said my PCAT scores were the achievement I was most proud of in my life. Today, it was supplanted with this e-mail.

So for all of you who read this blog, all of you who think you have made too many mistakes along the way and have no chance of reaching your dream, I am proof that you can climb out of that wretched hole. That no matter how bad it gets, no matter how much you may want to quit, retribution is possible.

Next Thursday I leave to take the next step in this epic journey. Next Thursday I leave to take the next step towards my future.

And damn is it sweet.


Pharmgirl said...


Anonymous said...

Yesss! I remember that feeling. No doubt you will get several more interview invitations with this one coming so early, but the first one - man, that was sweet, sweet relief.


Frantic Pharmacist said...

Good luck Phat! With your background, I would think any pharmacy school would see 'success' written all over you..

Ellen said...

Congratulations. I am certain they will be very impressed and that you will wind up with a difficult decision... which offer to take.

Nathan said...

Yup, you'll get into school, pass the four years and be as miserable as the rest of us. Ahh just kidding, congrats!

theangrypharmacist said...

Stop now while you still can!!

Phathead said...

Wow, never thought I'd see you here TAP lol

Actually found out today I have another interview for the same day. Had to do some rearranging and move the first one back a week.

And I know I'll be miserable, but I've learned two things. First, I have a blog to vent my frustrations. Second, drinking temporarly cures all pains. I'd like to thank DM for that one.

BigEvilRx said...

You totally deserve it man. Congratu-f'in-lations!

It's over, I know you'll get in and pharmacy will be better because of it. Have a great time!

KC in Fla said...

Bon chance!