Monday, October 26, 2009

Science Nerds Unite!

I love science humor. A couple weeks ago I presented some research at a microbiology conference and it was hoot listening to various science related jokes. You know, the jokes that no one else but a true science nerd would understand.

Since then I have been looking for some t-shirts with just such jokes on them. I then stumbled upon a site that has just loads of goodies. Here are some of my favorites.

Anywho if you're a fellow nerd like me, check out the site - It'll at least give you some laughs


was1 said...

a hydrogen atom walks into a bar. he says to the bartender, "i lost my electron."
the bartender asks "are you sure?"
the hydrogen atom says "yes, i'm positive."

was1 said...

did you hear about the homeopath who forgot to take his medicine? he died of an overdose.

was1 said...

if H3NCONH3 is urea, what is


ok... somebody else's turn.

was1 said...

sorry, i cant help myself.

2 gynecologists were talking. 1 said "i had a patient with a clit like a dill pickle." they other asked, "you mean green or big?" he answered "no, sour." he asked his patient if she wanted him to numb her before he started. she said yes. so he stuck his nose in there and num num num num num...
while he was examining her he said "wow! wow!". she said, "i know its big, you dont have to say it twice." he said "i didnt, it was an echo." so she went home and put a mirror on the floor and stood on it so she could see for herself. her husband walked in on her and said "be careful you don't fall down that hole." she wanted to spice up their sex life so she bought some crotchless panties. she laid on the bed and asked her husband if he saw anything he wanted. he said "why would i want that. look what it did to your underpants".