Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Apathy Rules My Day

Your alarm makes its god awful beeping sound (if there is a Hell, that sound is played 24/7) and you force yourself to not slam the fucking thing into the closest wall.

As you attempt to button your work shirt, half the time I skip a button, you realize that today, for whatever reason, you could give a shit about anything. Maybe you slept a full eight hours, maybe you had a great night the day before, but today you just flat out don't care.

Arriving at work, before you even set foot in the pharmacy a wide eyed customer asks you where the back scratchers are. You aren't even remotely curious as to why someone is looking for a back scratcher this early in the morning as you point them in the proper direction.

Strolling into the pharmacy you notice the mess that was left from the night before. Papers strewn about, dishes over flowing from the sink, vials are empty and, perhaps the only thing registering interest on your radar this morning, there sits a coffee pot in the middle of the pharmacy counter. How quaint.

Normally this would put your nerves on end, as you are the king of a clean pharmacy, but today you walk past it. Today you'll just work around it.

The fax machine starts to vomit much like a college student on spring break in Cancun, yet it takes all your might to wander over to capture some of this illustrious spew. You notice, on your first script, that the doctor okay'd refills on test strips for a patient. You asked for a refill on Lipitor.


By noon you notice the order sits ever so barely within your vision, hearkening to you to come and unpack it, yet you let it sit there. "Maybe someone else will notice it first," you think. The shame you normally feel from pushing work onto someone else is absent today. Already you are counting the minutes until your day is over.

"What do you mean its three dollars, last month it was free!" a voice bellows from the depths of the store.

No clever quips come to mind. No urge to defuse the situation because, in your mind, you had nothing to do with it. This is justified by the fact that this is the only day you'll be in this store for ten days.

Delegation is the key word here.

Finally the end of the day rolls around. Many scripts have been filled, but you don't really care to look. You've done your job for the day and that's all that really matters. Not once were you rude to a customer or your co-workers, but you were in your own little world for the entire day.

As you walk out the door you let out a heavy sigh with the knowledge you won't have to be back for well over a week. It was just another day in the life of a pharmacy drone. Nothing more, nothing less.

Apathy ruled my day today. How was yours?


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Have a great week off, Phat!

Frantic Pharmacist said...

I most definitely have those days. I'm just gonna make sure everybody gets the right prescription. As far as all the other housekeeping chores, if nobody else cares then neither do I. "Not today."

BigEvilRx said...

There was something soothing about this post. But as for apathy, I think I am far to busy looking up drugs and filling to notice the big picture most of the time. Hopefully I won't have one of these days anytime soon.

Have fun and relax on your break!