Friday, February 27, 2009

Drug Recalls... What The Hell Is Going On?

Anyone remember the days when it was rare to get a drug recall? You know like two years ago or so?

Seriously what the hell is going on? I remember it being a very big deal, and very surprising, when Able Pharmaceuticals went under a few years back. And in the last year there has been major recalls on, what it seems like, everything in the damned pharmacy. Ethex and Actavis damn near recalled everything they make.

On top of that, and this may be related, there are multiple drug shortages right now. I mean I haven't seen a bottle of Isosorbide Mononitrate or Oxycodone IR 5mg come in an order in weeks. Metoprolol ER is another which is quite hard to come by. Hell we got a notice last week that Hydrocodone/APAP 7.5/500mg from Mallinckrodt was unavailable until early March.

Have these companies been so lax in their practices to the point where there is a questioning of their safety? I pray to God the mass media does not get wind of this, speaking of which it's surprising they haven't, because this could be a donkey punch for all involved.

I literally have filled up two folders with drug recalls in the last year. Doesn't help we use six wholesalers so we get six notices. It's like working for fuckin' Initech.

In the long run, I suppose, this is a good thing, but does anyone else think it's gotten a bit out of hand in the last year?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Lowly Pharmacy Drone

8:54am - Open the door to the pharmacy. Notice vial bins are almost empty, drug bottles are still on the counter, garbage bins are full and dishes from last nights dinner are on the pharmacy counter.

9:10am - First round of phone calls and faxes begin. Soon there are sixty prescriptions to be processed. Still working on cleaning up the pharmacy

10:23am - Filled count hits 100, still haven't been able to fill the vial bins. Robot starts dinging letting you know it's out of a drug. You then notice that last night no one took the time to do a robot order. You will be hearing this ding many more times during the day.

10:48am - Your co-tech is with you now, helping and hindering you along. They don't really know how to process every thing which leaves you to run the scripts.

11:13am - After kicking out another fifty scripts you look over and your co-tech is nowhere to be seen. The fifty scripts you've been running for the last twenty minutes lie in a pile untouched. Yet you continue on.

11:31am - The scripts still aren't filled, so you stop to go fill them. You see your co-tech grabbing the order. It consists of one small tote and a refrigerated tote. Obviously a small order.

12:18pm - Co-tech is still checking in the order for some reason. When going to fill an Oxycontin script you notice the inventory is off by 23 tablets. You then sigh and mark off yet another page in the C-II book to look into the next time you have a free moment... whenever that may be

12:41pm - Will filling a script the RPh filled, you notice the script called for Clonazepam 2mg #90 PRN x 1 Year. You then notice the RPh gave it PRN x 1 Year refills. When you question it he responds, "Well I don't agree with that law so I'm not going to follow it."

1:30pm - You glance at the clock wondering if you have time to take a piss. Script count is at 200 and your co-tech is STILL putting away the order. The one plus is you finally found a free minute to fill the vial bins, but only because you ran out.

1:58pm - Your robot has a queue backlog of 11 prescriptions that cannot be filled because you are out of various drugs.

2:04pm - Your co-tech has finally finished the order and is helping you fill prescriptions. The counter is full however and instead of checking them the RPh is sitting on the computer reading the news.

2:56pm - You get called 'a fucking racist homo who's mother should have had an abortion' because you won't fill his Hydrocodone sixteen days early. The RPh then steps in, overrides you, and fills it anyway.

3:22pm - Co-tech is missing again, probably wondering the aisles. You then get back to back to back to back orders of fourteen refills for four different patients. You grit your teeth and continue on.

3:41pm - When scrounging for perhaps one bottle of Atenolol 50mg, you notice your co-tech only put the order away and didn't put it in the computer. Joy.

4:01pm - Your clerk decides that the alphabet is too difficult and proceeds to ask you where each patients prescription is when they come to the counter. Sadly you realize that outside of the pharmacy there are no workers with even a GED.

4:22pm - Almost time to go and you realize you haven't eaten, gone to the bathroom and you still have to do a robot order. And you can't forget the ten new C-II scripts that you've been putting off all day

5:04pm - You should be gone, but instead you stick it out in the hopes that maybe you can make a little headway

5:40pm - Your co-tech has left as they do not stay longer past their scheduled time. You watch as the RPh 'spots' someone sixty methadone 10mg tablets 'until their script comes in the mail'.

6:11pm - You are finally leaving the pharmacy when you ponder how tomorrow's tech's will have a pharmacy with fully stocked drugs and vials, empty garbage bins and a clean counter. Then you wonder why you do such a thing when they won't repay you with the same.


This is a day in the life of my job. I do this at least four times a week. There was no exaggeration in this at all, this is what my day was like today. Sadly this was a pretty decent day. I think I'm starting to get burnt out on this bullshit...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What the hell is going on?

Have I missed something? Did Hell freeze over? Are we all dying? Am I dead and this is all a dream?

Why do I ask? Because work has gone smoothly for the last month. No exceedingly stupid questions, no con-jobs, no yelling, no screaming. I mean seriously, what in the hell?

They call and ask for refills on their hydrocodone, I tell them they have no refills and are early, and they respond that they'll have their doctor fax in a new script when it can be filled.


I'm convinced it's all part of some evil plan. That the public is planning a surprise attack on pharmacies. That's the only possible solution right?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eight Years Ago Today...

I've had a bit of a writers block of late. Not the first time it's happened, so I will be posting more in the near future.

That being said today is a special day, although not in a good sense. Eight years ago today my sport lost its leader, its champion and by all rights its best person, Dale Earnhardt. After eight years it still kind of feels as if a family member is gone, which is rather strange. Then again those of you who did not follow the sport prior to that day will never quite understand. But if there is any of you out there who does read this blog and does understand what this day means... well then you'll understand the accompanying video as well.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Been A While Since I Posted Music...

This is the type of stuff I usually listen to on the way home to wind me down. I am partial to instrumental music, and I've posted some of their faster stuff, but this kinda music just calms the hell outta me. Usually the type of stuff I listen while I study.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The All-Pharmacy Baseball Team

Stumbled upon this while reading Uniwatch tonight

How freakin' awesome is that? Apparently it is the 1922 Massachusetts College of Pharmacy baseball team. Honestly thinkin' of printing this off and framing it or something.

And they say science geeks can't play sports...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Curse of Pharmacy

About a year ago an eager new tech started his first pharmacy job. And by eager I mean if there was a hole in the wall in the back of the pharmacy he would be all over it. Hell we shoulda sent the kid out on deliveries, the old ladies woulda loved him.

One of his very first questions to me was, "Do you get to meet any hot chicks that come in?"

This is a somewhat logical question, but I responded with a truth that most likely changed his life forever.

"Sure you'll meet some of the most beautiful people you'll ever see while working in a pharmacy. But you have to remember, they're in a pharmacy for a reason. They'll be picking up some Acyclovir for their genital herpes. Maybe some clotrimazole for the fungus in her fun zone. Maybe she's picking up ADHD meds for her six kids from six different daddies. Hell maybe it's all three.

The thing is, you may hook up with a chick and then go, man I'm glad I don't know what issues she has. Well here you do know what issues she has. Maybe she's schizophrenic. Maybe she's really a guy on hormone treatments. There's no reason a healthy, attractive individual should be in a pharmacy picking up prescriptions for themselves. Just something to remember."

He was slightly ashen faced once I explained that to him. He didn't stay with us long and I have seen found out that he is not quite as eager as he once was. He's also no longer looking at going into pharmacy. Oops

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lidocaine Injection + Nerve = Jesus Sighting

In honor of this blog's 200th post (mini-wave for me!) I thought it would be best to share yet another interesting story from my recent life. (Note: I meant to post this over a week ago, but set the scheduled date wrong. I rock)

It was T-Minus 8 days to the big PCAT test. While walking towards the library I noticed a pain in my right foot. I ignored it at the time as I was determined to be a good student and study all night. When I finally arrived back home I decided to see just what the hell was wrong. I was then greeted with a purple and black swollen big toe. Diagnosis: Ingrown Toenail.

Fucking spectacular. Eight days before my test and this occurs. I should mention that I no longer have insurance coverage and I'm a poor college student. Needless to say I was a happy camper.

Using what knowledge I have I decided to rid my self of the infection in order to make it through the test. I proceeded to drain the infection and became diligent in cleansing it several times a day. Yet after a couple days the pain had no subsided. I decided it was time to bring my ass into the clinic.

The PA (whom had the most impressive and disgusting mail camel toe ever) who inspected me noted what a good job I did removing the infection (go me!) but then said he would have to get in there and cut the little bastard nail. I went along with it and hopped up on the table prepared for this wonderful experience. He stated he would numb my toe with lidocaine. I told him to bring it on.

Now apparently to numb an area such as your big toe I found out they have to inject it directly into the nerve. He also stated that there's no easy way to find where it is so he would have to slowly move the needle deeper into my toe to find it. I didn't think it was terribly bad at first. I mean I wasn't singing and enjoying a woody, but it wasn't bad. I mentioned I felt a tingle, but he slyly replied that that wasn't it. I asked what I should be looking for and he said I would know.

With another short jab I felt a bit of a burning sensation, which I relayed to the PA. He then, being the sadomasochist he is, jabbed that needle into the nerve. I have never felt such pain in my life. Everything went white, I became dizzy and I'm almost positive I saw Jesus. Although he was wearing a tie-dyed shirt and was pointing and laughing at me. No idea what that means.

After letting the area numb, and letting me regain my barrings the procedure was completed. That part was nothing compared to my Jesus moment. I think I have some idea what it's like to give birth now. Women, I do not envy you.

So if you are ever told you shall be getting a shot in this manner, heed my warning. Brace yourself. It's gonna hurt like a son of a bitch.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ghetto names

I commented in someone else's blog about how to create a ghetto name. Anyone who has worked in an area such as this is aware of the.... unique names you see on a regular basis. Today I shall provide a guide so you too can create your own ghetto name!

1) Take a common name, Ex: Karen
2) Add a La, De, Da, Le, etc in front of the name. Ex: Lakaren
3) Add random apostrophe, Ex: Lakar'en
4) Swap out one vowel for another, Ex: Lakar'in

Perfect! Now your name will be unique and unreadable to the rest of the population!

Twitter's Back

Decided I'd give the twitter thing a chance again. It's back in the right side of the blog so you can hear my thoughts almost instantly. Creepy is it not?