Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Internet

Often we take for granted that which we use on a daily basis. Part of the reason the show 'Dirty Jobs' exists is to show others just what goes on in the background of their daily lives. It also conveys a sense of respected needed for those particular jobs.

Twenty years ago today the first proposal for the World Wide Web was presented (see here). Now just think how much the world has changed because of this simple proposal?

Without the internet, us in the pharmacy profession would think we are alone in our struggles to maintain sanity. We would never know of the existence of Drug Monkey or The Angry Pharmacist. We would have no place to vent and no place to relate to one another.

Even beyond that notion, think of how much things have changed. We have become an instantaneous culture, which is part of the reason we are in this economic crisis, but that's another post I'm working on it. In actuality we have moved beyond instantaneous information and almost require information before it exists.

Twenty years ago could you imagine that you would be able to pay a credit card bill via your cellular phone? Could you imagine your nine year old daughter would have her OWN cellular phone?

It's amazing how fast change occurs in our world today. It is equally amazing that change appears to be accelerating. Who knows, maybe in another twenty years we'll be accessing the Web via our thoughts. Just imagine surfing for porn then...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PCAT Scores Are Back...

I got my PCAT scores back about a week ago, just haven't gotten around to posting the results.

I'll give the test name, followed by the scaled score and the percentile score first

Multiple Choice Segments:
Verbal Ability - 423 - 82nd
Biology - 418 - 76th
Reading Comprehension - 423 - 80th
Quantitative Ability - 394 - 31st
Chemistry - 422 - 77th
Composite - 416 - 74th

Writing Scores:
Conventions of Language: My Score - 3.0, Mean - 2.8
Problem Solving: My Score - 3.0, Mean - 2.8

So y'all are probably looking at that quant score and going, holy shit!, just like I did. If you remember that I mentioned that was the final test and by that point I had developed a splitting headache. Not an excuse by any means, but it did offer some explanation. Also it's strange considering mathematics has always been my strong suit and I had no problem on the practice tests.

What this means is that I am taking it again in June. Was hoping to simply be done with it and, if it wasn't for the Quant score, I would call it good. I guess the only benefit is that I'll know more what to expect for the next test.

That and I really didn't start studying hardcore until the week before test. Not bad considering I haven't had a Quant (despite the score) or Gen Chem course in five years though. I take comfort in that at least.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rash Season

Everyone is well aware of the flu season, the cough & cold season and some are even aware of lice season (i.e. the first month of school). As summer looms though, there is a season which few outside of the medical profession are aware of. A season which can cause even the most seasoned medical professional to cringe. That season... is Rash Season.

Usually with the advent of spring you have the advent of rashes. People can get away with no showering semi-decently during the winter. Once temps begin to rise and moisture is added to the air, rashes begin to appear.

Soon you start seeing scaly stomachs, swollen cottage cheese asses and the always scary 400lb pustuled breasts. It is not spring time unless a 400lb woman lifts her shirt to show you the massive rash that has engulfed her fun sacks.

Usually those new to the field will find themselves running to the bathroom to vomit. I recommend one of those cute little airline puking bags.

Each and every year though, there is always one whom supersedes everything you have seen prior to this particular rash season. Will it be a penis swollen to the size of a PVC pipe? Will it be a Abe Lincoln-shaped rash on someone's ass? No one can say for sure.

So as this day nears us, I offer all of you fellow brethren in the medical fields to raise a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage, grab your Dramamine and hang on for the joys that is Rash Season.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Musings from the Public

As if I don't bitch enough about my work, I figured it's time for some excepts from the past few days

Idiot #1: Why the hell did you guys open an hour late this morning? Did you forget it was Daylight Savings last night?
Me: No, you move the clock an hour ahead, not behind.
Idiot #1: Oh. You still shoulda opened on time.
Idiot #2: I need something for this wicked diarrhea I have.
RPh: Well there's always Imodium in Aisle 3
Idiot #2: No I want that shit in that wicked purple lookin' box.
RPh: You mean Prilosec?
Idiot #2: Yea! Where can I find that shit at?
Idiot on Phone: Hi, do you guys sell placebos or any kind of horse tranquilizers?
Darwin Award Winner: So those suppositories you guys gave me... they're a bit uncomfortable
Me: Well sometimes people have a hard time getting accustomed to taking medication like that
DAW (hahaha get it?): Well I mean I started bleeding a little bit. The edges on it are kinda sharp, is there anything I can do to dull them
Me: Have you tried taking the foil off the suppositories?
DAW: Is it safe to do that??
Confused Old Man: Where are your drills and drill bits?
MENSA Candiate: Yo I need my tramadol filled
Me: Well we gave you #240 just 6 days ago
MENSA: But I'm out
Me: Ok, but your directions say 2 to 3 tablets every six hours as needed. And then the doctor put a note on there limiting you to 8 tablets a day
MENSA: Oh shit, a day? I thought he meant per dose
Me: It say's right on the label 'MAX OF 8 TABLETS PER DAY'
MENSA: Shit... Am I gonna die?
Idiot #3: Hi I'd like to reorder my Nimrod
Me: Ok... do you mean your Nimotop?
Idiot #3: Yea, that's what I said, my Nimrod

To think, I may be doing this for the next fifty years

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pre-Pharmacy... Old School

One of our pharmacists retired recently... wait, let me rephrase that. The best pharmacist I have worked with retired recently and is in the process of cleaning out her house so she may move far away from this cold and dreary place.

Earlier this week she brought some of us in things that she had discovered while cleaning. My gift? The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 44th Edition, 1963

I'm a science geek and I'm a history geek, so I find this utterly fascinating. To learn the material we are learning today without the internet, graphic calculators or any of our modern conveniences must have been staggering.

I've attached a few pics of the book, as I am still leafing through it, just to show off how damned cool it is. Yes, I'm a nerd, sue me.