Monday, March 1, 2010

Explain This To Me

We have a patient who is regularly in the local jail. You pick a reason, she's been there. Looking at her profile, you'd think she'd have her own personal cell by now.

Now the kicker is she has special 'contract' with McNeil to get brand name Flexeril and Ultram for free every month. Actually she gets 90 of the Flexeril and 180 of the Ultram.

Soooooo someone who spends more time in a jail cell than at home is some how eligible for a subsidy to get these drugs for free?

Explain to me how the fuck that works?


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Maybe she was enrolled in the drug trials when they developed them? Sometimes those people get a lifetime supply if the drug comes to market.

Or she's with an indigent program, though usually those have to be renewed every 3-6 months.

Whatever happened to "3 strikes, you're out"?

Deputy's Wife said...

When you figure out how that works, please let me know. I wanna get my drugs I have to pay for every month, for free, too! And I've never even been to jail!

Phathead said...

She's only been on the name brand meds for the last 3 years. The situation boggles my mind.