Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Good Day In The Pharmacy

I had one helluva of a productive day during my Friday shift. I nabbed four, count them, FOUR seekers in one day, all in separate circumstances.

It had been a rather dreary stretch as I hadn't come across anyone worth busting in about four months now. Personally I like doing a little PI work at work, makes me feel like Matlock... you know because of all the old people and fixodent in the store.

My favorite is I busted someone who has been using three different docs with three pharmacists for at least seven years. I went to bill her fioricet and it came up rejected as an early refill which was weird because she wasn't early at all.

The insurance in question has a knack for giving false rejects, so I figured I'd call them and have them fix whatever the fucked up this time.


Turnout one of her pharmacies auto filled her fioricet under her insurance on accident on the sixth. As I inquired more I found out about the other pharmacy and doc.

Ruh oh.

I call pharmacy number one and they talk about what a sweet lady she is and that they hoped she wasn't transferring out. Needless to say they were more than a little surprised when I explained the situation.

Pharmacy number two was a big chain who didn't seem to give a rat's ass, which is somewhat typical around here.

You guys wanna know the best part? She had a narc contract too. With TWO docs.

How the hell she had pulled this off, I have no idea, but I give her props. Sadly, there will be no more fioricet or tramadol or hydrocodone or phentermine or any other fun things.

I suppose the best part is she really has no idea until her appointment next Monday... when there will be a phone conference with three very pissed off docs.

Damn I wish I could be there for that.

And that was just one of the four today. Like I said, it was a bitchin' day all day long. Maybe I should start a secondary business some day.
Phathead, R.Ph. - Private Eye
It's got a nice ring to it, no?


Grumpy, M.D. said...

You go, Phat! Awesome job.

All you need now is a fedora.

C. said...

You wanna loan him your cape Dr. Grumpy? Wheee..

You have to share the other stories eventually. Phat..the great avenger! Swatting down drug abusers 4 at a time.

Anonymous said...

Loved days like that in the pharmacy. I was known as a drug buster in my days as a tech. I think my biggest bust had to be when I urologist came to the "in" window and started writing a script. Four .2 of a second a though what a great doctor...dropping off the script for a patient. Took the script, looked it over...Ritalin (can't) remember the strength but it was to take 10 tablets daily as directed with a quantity of #300 (month supply) but he was paying cash. So, I kept looking at the script and it hit me; the script was written for his wife. I questioned him and he said she narcolepsy and her doctor was OOT and this was to get her through until he was back in the country. Okay, I will buy that, but I didn't and checked the profile. He was getting approximately 1500 tablets a month for the past two years. I called every pharmacy chain and private in the area and he was doing the same thing there. We refused his script and told him not to bother going anywhere else becasue they will NOT honor his script. He had the manager of the store try to talk the pharmacist into filling and she wouldn't and told him why in front of the patient. The store manager said, "Sorry doc your shit out of luck!" A DEA investigation was launched and he was busted for selling the drug. He lost his prescibing abilities but could still see patients (someone else had to write his scripts). One of my favorite busts but oh so many. Oh the dentist that went ape shit becasue we would not fill hormone pills for her mom. She said she can write for anything she wants. So, I told her if you bring me literature as to how premarin is useful in dentistry I will not only fill it but give it to you for free. Otherwise, NO GO. We sent a message to all our stores and we called all the others. Sweet Victory. Actually, even better ones are coming to mind. Lots in 7.5 years. What's your BEST BUST STORY!