Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Final Admission Stats

Thought it would be best to provide my final admission stats that were used to accept me to various schools. For the original post, please click HERE is this is only an admendum to the original.
Accepted: 4 Schools (2 of of waitlists)
Waitlisted: 1 School
Denied: None
Final cGPA - 3.00
Final sGPA - 2.72
Dean's List the last three semesters

Again, original PharmCAS information and PCATs are listed in the original post, so if you're looking for those you can find them at the link above.


Anonymous said...

My stats are identical to yours, same gpas, same amount of pharm experience but my pcats scores are terrible, I was so frustrated in applying to pharmacy school, but reading your blog site really gives me hope and motivation to continue THANKS.

Anonymous said...

Those are some bogus stats LOL