Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top Chef

One of the must-watch shows the wife and I have on a regular basis is the show Top Chef on Bravo. I personally love cooking shows in general and for some reason this one completely enthralls me.

Part of it is because it seems realistic. I am not a fan of reality television because, and don't ask how, I can tell when it's not real. There's something about a situation or the way that person acts or talks that resonance with me as fake. Maybe it's a talent, maybe it's weird, but it's why I typically do not enjoy those shows.

Top Chef has been different... until this season. Now nothing pisses me off more than when a show begins to lose their way. The wife was watching the show Ghost Whisperer a few years ago and I became interested in it. Eventually it lost it's way, jumped the shark if you will, and became a characterful of itself.

And it pissed me off.

The same thing is happening with my beloved Top Chef this season. If it doesn't seem contrived, the challenges themselves are ridiculous.

I can almost picture the big wigs in the head Bravo office going: "More Drama! More Suspense! More Challenging! More! MORE! MORE!!!"

It makes me sad and angry in a way. Why must they always fuck with the shows I like? Yet shows like 90210 or anything that's on MTV are continued to be aired.

Oh well, they better not mess with Castle this next season... heads may roll.

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