Monday, July 19, 2010

What's A Pharmacy Blog Without the Pharmacy?

It's a question I've been pondering as of late. Tomorrow will make it exactly two months since I have worked in a a pharmacy. While that may not seem like a good deal of time to some of you, it is still rather strange.

Hell even my friends have commented on my lack of entertaining stories and/or texts during a day.

Now that the wife and I are fully situated after the move I found myself with little to talk about. I no longer have the day to day interactions that I enjoy so thoroughly.

Yesterday I happened to overhear an older couple talking about how they had been turned away by the pharmacy in the store because they could not answer the question. It was about Medicare and four wheeled walkers which I quickly educated them on and told them the steps they needed to follow in order for Medicare to pay their portion.

It was a rush in a way because it was something I have not been able to do for quite some time.

What's making it even more difficult is... well the money aspect. I'm sorry but the pay as a cashier at Walmart does not compare to that of a senior tech in a pharmacy. Money will soon be getting tight if I don't find a place to call home.

Later this week I'll be making my rounds hitting up every pharmacy in sight in the hopes that something will materialize before school starts. Seeing as summer is nearing is conclusion, I figure I'll have a much better shot now than I did in May.

So, again, I ask what is a pharmacy blog without the pharmacy?

I'll tell ya what it is... not as damn interesting that's what.


Frantic Pharmacist said...

Don't worry, you will be back into it in no time and feel like you never left!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Your cyberspace fans are rooting for you from afar.