Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pharmacy Junior High

Remember the days of middle school when your biggest worry was who you were going to sit next to a lunch or walk home with at the end of the day? It was a more simple time in many ways, but also extremely childish in others.

For instance, do you remember when someone would be upset with you and you'd get the shoulder slam while walking down the hallway? And after ending high school you are left with the assumption that those days are over?


Those who follow my every Tweet with abated breath, yes I am stoking my own ego, read about my attempt to become class president a few weeks ago. It was a failed attempt, namely because I focused on real world logic and a promise to not focus simply on social gatherings but on preparing us for the challenges ahead.

Naturally they are no where near concerned with that as of yet, so I lost. Personally, it's not too big of a deal as I will be back next year to try and convince them once again.

What has happened since has been nothing short of perplexing. You see, the gentleman I ran against is... well I'm not sure what he is. He conducts himself like a politician, literally having a checklist with him during the first week in order to meet everyone.

To most he comes across as someone through and polite. To me he comes across as someone with some sort of personal agenda.

He's not a bad person by any means, just not someone I overtly trust. A few times he stated what he wanted to do as president or what he thought of the profession and, being the kind person I am, I sat and listened as he described something not even touching on the realm of reality.

Afterward I offered him my counterpoint, to which those around us stared slack-jawed. As someone told me at the bar the other night, I've "owned his ass" several times this year.

What has happened since that election? Well I'm now blocked from his Facebook profile. That's right, he didn't defriend me, but merely restricted the hell out of what I can see.

When he talks to a group of people, of which I am included, I am ignored. Or if I am acknowledged, I am quickly dismissed. It's like I'm invisible but without the actual benefits of being invisible (i.e. sneaking into the girls locker room).

Really, we're just a shoulder slam away from having a rumble during the recess after lunch.

Obviously he feels threatened by me, which I find immensely humorous. It's also disturbing because I would have thought by now that we could be adults about matters like this. I wasn't bitter about the whole election situation, I was gracious and offered any support I could give over the next year.

Now I'm left with the options of being a royal dick and undermining him during the year, or coming back on the offensive next fall. Clearly, the latter is the best choice, but the former would be so much more fun.

Decisions, decisions...

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was1 said...

Time to work on your passive-aggressive skills.
Help him fail. Then sit back and watch while he implodes. "Who, me? No, I think you must have misunderstood what I said."