Sunday, December 12, 2010

Something To Read

Blogging is such an intimate endeavor. Many people bare the inner workings of their soul to complete strangers on a daily basis. I cannot ever describe how immensely therapeutic it is to have a site like this.

That being said, occasionally you stumble upon something that is rather powerful. I'm not a huge fan of posting things from other sites, but this is something worth a read. I highly doubt I could ever share something of this nature, and to say what I respect what is written here may be the understatement of the month.


Edit: When I originally composed this post, there were no recent posts other than the last link I've posted. If anyone has any words of encouragement or anything of solace to offer, I encourage you to leave it.

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pharmacy chick said...

Holy Cow, this woman needs some help and quick. Obviously her husband has no idea she blogs because if he read one posting of this she would be back in the hospital. "dead by winter solstice"..not good..not good at all.
I have suffered with depression on and off for years. I call them my black holes. Many times I have wondered if the world would be better off without me. When I go into these black holes its impossible to see out and I get by only because I know that somehow..if I can just manage the next 24 hours...and the next 24 hours...and the next 24 hours that eventually I will crawl out.
She is in a seriously deep black hole

Anonymous said...

I completely appreciate this post. What she is going through is very similar to what I have been through. Its good to know health professionals (or ones who are on their way to becoming one) share about these things that we want kept secret; because of our profession, the gossipy nature of our colleagues, or the shame surrounded by it. Depression, drug abuse, alcoholism; we may laugh, or make funny jokes about someone taking antabuse or coming in for their weekly month-supply of vicodin. But chances are there is someone who is suffering with the same things internally. As a new pharmacist, I began to take Vicodin for headaches. Then lorazepam, then adderall. Spiraling into despair, being a doctorate of pharmacy, unable to take care of myself or my young son. Ending up in an institution for detox and rehab, it was a sobering experience. Having everyone know, at every job you apply for, that you are a recovering addict....very shaming. And having everyone question to why you have such a long period of unemployment...shaming. Working with colleagues who "know" what happened and look to point a finger at you at the first notice of something missing...shaming. But having this issue out and spreading the word that depression and addiction are both DISEASES, worthy of getting treatment and recovery. You never know when that person your colleague is joking about may be you or a friend or family member. Again, thank you for posting. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I hope that someone who knows here stumbles across her blog to get her help. She needs help, it makes me sad.

On the other hand, there is a part of me that wonder if it's actually true and she is just looking for "shock value?" I hate to say that about someone I don't know, but it is a BLOG. If I believed or trusted everything I read on a blog...............well you know.

Happy Holidays.

PS. When is Mrs. Phathead due? B/G? Any names picked out? Best wishes. Hope you let us know after things get settled; you and your wife have gotten some sleep (in about 18 years, sorry). So, what I am saying, and I mean it, best of luck for a safe and pain free delivery for your wife and a healthy baby for the two of you to take him and raise he/she to be an amazing person. JS from the Midwest (were it is so cold that 10 layers of clothing and 5 heavy blankets are cutting it! LOL!