Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Lazy

The overwhelming theme of this winter break? Sheer laziness.

I had a decent sized list of things I wanted to either do or complete over winter break. As spring classes now loom over my head, I have looked over that list and discovered I have accomplished little, if any, of them.

And honestly I don't really care.

The only thing that is mildly disappointing is not finishing the article I had started working on at the start of the semester. I think we can place the blame of not finishing that, and other things, on being a new father no?

I've been enjoying this funk of not wanting to think. I'm not really sure why as the fall semester wasn't overly mentally taxing, but hey I can sit on a couch and stare at a tv with the best of them now.

Of course the last two weeks has been, more or less, late night after late night staying up with the little guy which only propagates more laziness. It's impressive in the most disheartening sort of way.

Disheartening in that I hate being lazy. Channeling my inner nerd, I'm mildly excited for classes to start up again. I like being challenged on a regular basis, even though it may eventually frustrate and exhaust me.

Naturally this is a huge unknown as to how this will work with the baby and I do have an incessant fear of relying far too much on the wife. I really don't want to have to be a regular absent father during the semester, but I feel at some points it's going to be required.

In any case, in just a few days the laziness ends and the grind begins once again.

At least the wife will be able to drink with me this semester. Thank God for that.


Unchained Pharmacist said...

"At least the wife will be able to drink with me this semester."

I know it's not my business, but is the missus planning to feed the baby herself? Pump 'n dump, perhaps?

Phathead said...

Formula only, her choice lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, its been several days. How is baby doing? Aren't they something?