Thursday, September 29, 2011

Voodoo Pharmacy

This is, hands down, the oddest spam comment I have ever had on this site. And yet, after a stressful day at work it oddly starts to make sense...

I am melinda,from what I can read. It has been sad news and scam to everyone about Voodoo casters or so. But to me they are so real cause one worked for me not quite two weeks. I traveled down to where his shrine his and we both did the ritual and sacrifice. and now me and my ex are living very ok now.I don't know about you but Voodoo is real;love marriage,finance, job promotion ,lottery Voodoo,poker voodoo,golf Voodoo,Law & Court case Spells,money voodoo,weigh loss voodoo,diabetic voodoo,hypertensive voodoo,high cholesterol voodoo,Trouble in marriage,it's all he does. I used my money to purchase everything he used he never collected a dime from. He told me I can repay him anytime with anything from my heart. Now I don't know how to do that. If you can help or you need his help write him on ( Thank you.


The Redheaded Pharmacist said...

I can remember once getting a spam comment that was literally 5 paragraphs and at least 500 words about the pluses and minuses of Indy QB Peyton Manning. There were even a couple of comparison notes to his brother Eli Manning mixed in with the general analysis of Peyton's ability as well as an argument for his rank on the all time NFL QB list. Interesting read as it may have been it had nothing to do with anything on my website!

Anonymous said...

I don't trust 'weigh loss voodoo'. I heard from a guy that heard from a guy that tried that and they just shrunk his head and laughed at him. Wouldn't give back his money either- and now he can't wear hats.

Anonymous said...

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