Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Be A Proactive Pharmacist

We are all disillusioned in the profession. Considering the majority of individuals do not believe in our national professional organization, I think it is fairly safe to use the term "all."

After talking with APhA for the last month, it is clear that they are aware of the problems we all face. They do, in fact, have some reasonable ideas on how to address them. What they lack though is the solvency to actually act upon them.

One of the most oft repeated phrases is, "Why don't the disillusioned pharmacists show us that they care?" and to be honest it is a valid point. So many have taken such a long drive down the cynicism trail that it's hard to look back.

After all, why put forth a concentrated effort only to have it soundly defeated? I know I feel that way on a regular basis.

But why don't we put for some sort of effort? If not to show to APhA and others what they're missing out, but to give us some pride within our chosen profession.

What I am about to ask is simple... actually it's borderline remedial. We are all extremely busy during our work days, some more than others, but this would take just a minute out of what little free time we do have.

Ask a patient what they think of pharmacy. Ask them if they know what a pharmacist does for them on a daily basis. Ask them if they've ever heard of something called Medication Therapy Management or outline services we could, but cannot currently for financial reasons, provide.

See what they know and see what they want to know. I venture that the answers may surprise you as they certainly have surprised me when I have done this.

As much as the countless pharmacy rants have bound us together over the last few years, perhaps this could do the same. We need hope... the profession needs hope in order for us to continue to succeed.

If you choose to do this, feel free to come back, or E-mail me, and share your response. As cheesy as it sounds, maybe we can make our voices just a little louder and a little more substantial.

It cannot hurt to try now, can it?

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Noah Berkowitz said...

Great idea. keep posting